Bridal Skin-training Regimen to Get Great Skin for Your Wedding Day

Dermatologist Dr. Vic Narurkar recommends that brides commit to a skincare regimen at least five to six months before their wedding to “strength-train” their skin. Dr. Narurkar shares the following regimen for healthy, beautiful skin for your wedding day:

Bridal Skin-training Regimen

6 months:
Consult a dermatologist to deal with any chronic skin problems (e.g., acne, dark spots, broken capillaries). Remember skin problems do not go away overnight! For a brides who undergoes in-office skin resurfacing treatments (chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL and fractionated laser treatments), the physician-dispensed Clinique Medical Optimizing Regimen kit is an at-home extension of the in-office procedure and is specifically formulated to manage recovery and support the skin between treatments.

1 month:
Plan and practice your make-up

1-2 weeks:
Have a relaxing facial treatment with hydrating and firming masques

1 day before:
Wax for smooth hair free skin

Day of:
Don’t stress over what you cannot control

– The above tips are courtesy of Dermatologist Dr. Vic Narurkar

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  • Life Love Beauty says:

    I also recommend not eating chocolate for the 2 or 3 weeks leading up to your wedding… I know it is tough, but it's been helpful to my complexion!

  • Life Love Beauty says:

    OK… who am I kidding… maybe chocolate in MODERATION! 😉

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