Life Love Beauty – ‘Random Acts of Clarisonic’ Giveaway

In our latest giveaway, Life Love Beauty has teamed up with Clarisonic Skincare Systems to bring you the ‘Random Acts of Clarisonic’ Giveaway! Clarisonic features sonic technology that gently and effectively removes dirt and oils from your skin and pores, leaving you with a cleaner and more radiant complexion.

Clarisonic offers many benefits, such as smoother and softer skin, reduced oily areas, less visible pores, 6x better makeup removal than manual cleansing, and better product absorption, to name a few. This December, you have a chance to win a Clarisonic device for yourself and one for a very deserving friend or loved one.

Read on for more instructions on how to enter our giveaway for a chance to win a Clarisonic device for a deserving person you know and in the spirt of giving, a Clarisonic device for yourself!

Prize: One lucky winner will earn a free Clarisonic device of their choice — actually two prizes – one Clarisonic device for a deserving person that you nominate and one Clarisonic device for yourself! Clarisonic products retail for $149 and up. For more information, please see:

Eligibility: Open to residents of the United States (including Hawaii) age 18 and up or age 13 through 17 with written parental permission. One entry per person. All state and local laws apply. Void where prohibited.

Time Frame: Contest begins Sunday, December 13, 2009 and ends Monday, December 28, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Rules: Please read these instructions carefully and follow accordingly. Please note: You MUST follow the rules in entirety to be eligible for a chance to win this contest.

1. REQUIRED: Leave a comment on the Life Love Beauty blog with the two pieces of information:

1. – Who in your life are you nominating to receive a free Clarisonic device AND why do they deserve a free Clarisonic Skincare System?
2. *** Please ensure we have your email address so we can contact you if you win. If you don’t have a Google blogger account that would allow us to easily reach you, please provide your email address with your comment.

We will email you to collect your shipping info if you are selected as the winner.

2. Our panel of judges will select the winner based on the best comment / most deserving person nominated.

Note: When you enter, you will automatically be subscribed to the Life Love Beauty Monthly Newsletter. (If you are already a subscriber, you won’t need to subscribe again.) You can opt out at any time. We will never give away or sell your email address.

How to win:
• One entry per person.
• No purchase necessary. You have not yet won.
• Winner will be contacted via e-mail, and the winner will be added to the list of winners posted on following verification.

Good luck!


  • Life Love Beauty says:

    Post your contest entry here with a comment! Make sure you mention WHO you are nominating to receive a free Clarisonic and WHY they are so deserving of winning.

  • Laurie says:

    I am nominating my best friend Nikki who is one of the most selfless people I know. She works long stressful hours, while raising her two young children. She never does anything for herself as much as try to get her to. Even though she was going through hard times, she agreed to fundraise and walk 60 miles in the Breast Cancer 3-Day with me in 2008 and agreed to do it again in 2010 with me too. She's really hard on herself and talks about how unhappy she is with her skin. I think this would be perfect for her, and a way to make her feel better about herself in the new year.

    I found out about your blog from a tweet that Clarisonic sent out.


  • ~bgf~ says:

    I nominate my best friend dawn. I’ve known her 25 years, since I was 14. She doesn’t have a lot of time to take care of herself, or as a single mom, extra money for luxuries such as the clarisonic. She’s got a lot of things going on right now, with her teenage daughter and she lost another long time friend of 15 years on Thanksgiving day. She has always been generous with whatever she has, even though she is struggling. This would be a great pick me up for her.

    I found out about this blog on twitter. @Clarisonic sent a tweet about it.

  • Tracy says:

    I am nominating my mom! She has beat cancer twice, and if that wasn't an amazing enough feat, she buried her mother, grandmother and my father within three months of each other, and at an age where she was way too young to be without her own mom and way too young to be a widow, managed to raise her family with strength, courage, humor and grace. She already has amazing inner beauty (INMHO) and I would love to give her something extra special to pamper herself, which she does not do nearly often enough!

  • kristengilmore says:

    I'm nominating my grandmother because she not only raised three kids of her own but has also helped raised my sister and I as well as four of my other cousins. She always babysits for both my mother and has taken care of us for all 18 years of my life whenever my mother needed. She has also helped raise my two baby cousins whenever their mother was unreliable and my uncle needed him. She never misses a holiday or a birthday and always sends birthday cards and cards for every holiday with wonderful handwritten letters personalized for each one of us.

    My email is kristen16gilmore(at)

    I heard about this on twitter

  • brittany says:

    I nominated my mother , she works as server and doesn't have the funds to enjoy a clarisonic. She has raised 5 kids as a single mother and she has been noticing her skin making the changes that sadly come with life. I feel she deserves this luxury gift this xmas because she puts others first and herself second always.

    I heard about this via twitter.

    Email :

  • endrase says:

    I am nominating my daughter, Samantha. She is a full time student (Dean's list) and works two jobs. She also volunteers at the local high school mentoring students with special needs. She has had a long time struggle with keeping her skin clear.
    She is such a source of pride for our entire family, an asset to her community, and a true friend. She is deserving of a gift that will help her feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.
    I learned about this contest on twitter.

  • cdziuba says:

    1. – Who in your life are you nominating to receive a free Clarisonic device AND why do they deserve a free Clarisonic Skincare System?
    2. How did you find out about this contest?

    I found out about this contest from a friend. I am nominating my mom to get this wonderful Skincare System. She is a former actress who still maintains a stringent beauty regimen. She appeared on Broadway when she was young, and to this day, does not leave the house without makeup and a nice outfit.

    I can't think of anyone I know who would be more delighted and thrilled to own such a system than my mom!

  • Tfacey says:

    I am nominating my friend Jessie, she is a great mommy who could use some pampering. I heard about this contest from a friend!

  • Jennifer says:

    Who is mot deserving…my sister. She is constantly on the run, keeping her family well cared for and loved, keeping their 3 large restaurants running smoothly, and caring for our mother who has alzheimers. (The latter is the hardest and most stressful.) She would love a Clarisonic. It would be her time to slow down and do something for herself while reaping the benefits of the Clarisonic in the process. She'd be ecstatic to know she won!

    I learned about this giveaway by searching on google to find a Clarisonic for myself for Christmas. My 55 year old skin needs to be rejuvenated and cleaned properly so I can have healthy, and healthy looking skin once again. I hate looking older than my years.

  • snow.twinkle.pirate. says:

    I nominate my mother. She loves anything and everything beauty. My mom is an incredible, caring, generous strong woman. She immigrated to the US from the Philippines at the age of 26 with my dad. My dad became disabled in a freak accident 1 year after immigrating to the US so my mom had to be the financial supporter in the family. She worked 3 jobs to support us and while attending school to become a registered nurse. She used to cleaned houses to make enough money to buy rice for us to eat. She's my hero. This year, my mom had to bury my grandfather, which she said was the hardest thing she's had to do in her life. My parent's divorce was also finalized this year. Still, my mom has never looked back and has never said one mean thing about my father. Even though this year has been rough on her, she still out there volunteering her time as a Registered Nurse for marathons with causes while working at the hospital and at her part-time job. I know I can never repay my mom for those countless times she's been there for me, especially as a role model, but hopefully I win this to show her how much she means to me.

    Email: snowtwinklepirate(at)gmail(dot)com

  • NotYourAvgJoe says:

    I will nominate my wife. She has asked me for a Clarisonic for Christmas so I know she wants one. She's a busy mom, not just taking care of our family, but she is also the main trainer for our Guide Dog Puppy. It's a 24/7 job in itself, following the Guide Dog training methods, techniques and time line. Then we have to give the pup up at about 10 months of age. This would be a great treat for my wife. It may even give her a little extra feel-good boost she needs in the morning!

  • Annette D says:

    I am nominating my sister. She is an extremely busy single Mom of two, who is the sole provider for her family. She has selflessly for years , put her children's needs ahead of her own. Besides working full time and supporting her family, she has been attending graduate school in the evenings for the last 4 years in order to try to get a better job. She graduated just this week and this would make a fantastic gift to a very hardworking, talented and deserving woman.

  • AmyLynn says:

    I nominate my mother. She has to be the most selfless person I know. My mom works and works and works, and gives and gives and gives…which doesn’t leave much time for herself. She works at an aerosol factory, 6 to 7 days a week to help support my grandmother. My mom has always suffered from dry, sensitive skin but the different products she encounters at her job sometimes seems to make it worse. The Clarisonic might be the item she needs to help deep clean the chemicals from her sensitive skin and combat the dryness. I would love to win this for her so she can try it out. And it is nice to know that is gentle enough for her sensitive skin…so she can have a little bit of pampering. Thank you for the chance!

  • vibrantfun says:

    I nominate my nephew because he needs this for his acne.

    He deserves it for being sweet and loving to his old Aunt(me)

    I found out about this for

  • Jordan says:

    I am nominating my girlfriend to win the Clarisonic. She deserves this because:

    a) I know she's wanted one badly for the longest time.

    b) she works so hard for everything she has even though she is only 19. She goes to school full-time and operates an online clothing company all by herself.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm nominating my friend Jen who does amazing rescue work with dogs & was a huge reason her area got a dog park! She's a Bark-tiv-ist! And she lives out in a dry climate. She spoils everyone around her whether four footed or two & I'd love to see her enhance her rosy glow!

    velvetdays@ yahoooooooooooooooodotcom

  • Anonymous says:

    found through website link & twitter (please count this as only one entry with the one above, I came back when I realized I missed part of your question)

    velvetdays ahhhhhhht Yahoooooooo!dotcom

  • aaj83 says:

    I would like to nominate my mom…she has always showered us not only with her love but everything she has..she ALWAYS sacrifices on her needs and desires so me and my brother can get the little things in life… she has always put herself last after her family… it would be wonderful to give her something in return 🙁

  • courtney88 says:

    I am nominating my mother. She deserves a for once to pamper herself. She has always taken care of others before herself.
    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I nominate my mom who at her age (64) has really beautiful skin. When I saw her at Thanksgiving, she told a story about someone who said that she was "pretty" while in line at the grocery store, and how long it had been since anyone said that to her. She almost cried. I would love to give this to her so she can pamper herself and know that she really is pretty after all these years!
    I heard about this site from twitter.
    creep4ward at hot mail dot com

  • SAUCY | eff. | BABY says:

    I am nominating my Mom to receive a free Clarisonic device because she truly deserves it. My Mom is the most unselfish & hardest working person I know. She works 8 hr shifts for 5 days a week from 1pm-9pm. Then when she comes home, she still cooks for us & cleans around the house. She does laundry on her days off. She works so hard to keep our family happy & healthy. My Mom has always put her kids & loved ones before herself. That is why she deserves this Clarisonic. I look up to my Mom so much. She means so much to me & giving her this gift would make her very happy. My Mom doesn't ask for much when we ask her what she wants for gifts. All she wishes for is good health. I want to give her this Clarisonic to show my appreciation for her. Thank you very much for the chance.

    I found out about this contest while browsing on Google.


    -Nicole O.

  • Aramide says:

    I am nominating my Dad. Being a widower for the past 2 years has been extremely hard on him, but he still manages to be the best Dad he can be for my sister & I. He deserves something like the Clarisonic, b/c men should feel great about their skin as well & I think he would really love it.

    I found out about this contest through Behrman PR on Twitter!

  • Elisabeth says:

    I am nominating my 16 year old sister. Its been a roller coaster with her skin the last couple of years. She finally ended up having to go on accutane (which you can imagine was super fun and scary for all of us). She is finally looking as good on the outside as she has always been on the inside and she feels so much more confident with herself (which I didnt think was possible because she seemed so confident even with the acne). I just know how dry her skin gets, and how regimented she has to be to keep her face clear (she is the first 16 year old I have ever seen freak out over falling asleep in her makeup :)). I just know this will help keep her face even clearer and would love for her to have one, even if I didnt get one too ;). Plus it will feel like a big treat/reward for me too since she steals all my expensive stuff whenever I come home to visit since her 10 years older sister must have the better stuff then she does (its for sure more expensive). She is just one of my best friends and I would love for her to get a treat like this.

    I found out about this contest through twitter.

  • AshleyOhio says:

    I'm nominating my Aunt/Godmother who has spent much of her life making sure my Grandmother was taken care of. When Grandma got sick she moved her mother in with her and took time off of work to ensure her comfort and needs so she wouldn't have to go into a nursing home. She is amazing in every aspect and during that time was very selfless and chose to give up some of her life to care for someone else! Since my own mother's passing she has been like a mother to me in some senses offering advice and guidance.

    i found out about this from twitter

    schiffam (at) gmail (dot) com

  • David says:

    I am nominating my roommate because she is always helping others and me. She is always there for everybody else and thinks of herself last. She has been my best friend and I want to her to know that she is the BEST!! Please and thanks. I heard about Clarisonic from a friend on twitter. 🙂

  • Laura says:

    I would like to nominate my pastor's wife, Susan. She is an amazing, inspriational woman and a wonderful mother. She has 3 children and one of her children has special needs. He has Lissencephaly and I believe he is 12 years old. She has been changing diapers for more than 15 years. Her son is not able to do anything for himself at all, so she takes care of him every day. She often misses out on things because he needs constant care. She had to miss out on the Mission Trip to Romania this summer, several girls nights, and other events like that. She is a great person and she is very happy. She attends my small group bible study and I am glad to have gotten to know her. She deserves some pampering and I know that she would very much appreciate winning.

    I heard about this contest from a tweet from @Clarisonic

    My e-mail address is

  • Brooke says:

    I am nominating my mother. As my brother and I were growing up she quit her job in order to be a stay at home mom for us. A few years ago, she went back to work, but she barely makes enough money to support us and herself. My mother does everything she can and gives every bit of money and love she has to our family. She never does anything for herself and I feel terrible that she thinks she has to ignore her needs in order to provide for us. My mother is the most caring person in the world and I just want to be able to give her something in return for everything she has done for me throughout my entire life. Thank you. I heard about this contest from a tweet from clarisonic.

    My email:

  • shellierb says:

    I am nominating my mom Diana keeler because she never takes care of herself the way she takes care of everyone else. It is her Birthday tomorrow and what a awesome present for her to have a pink Mia Clarisonic and I heard this from twitter and all the tweets for it.

  • Chidi says:

    I nominate my mother, the strongest woman I know. This year has been filled with many struggles for her. She survived a car accident in May, but the fact she was in the hospital for weeks caused her to lose her job. She did find another one shortly after, but was recently laid off. But she is still fighting and keeping a positive attitude and that inspires me. Although all of these bad things have happened to her this year, I'm still grateful you see bc this is her 5th year being cancer free and everyday she's here with me is a blessing. I'm so proud of her. I would just love to get her something that would lift her spirits this holiday season and a clarisonic would make her feel lovely. She's so busy taking care of everyone else that she forgoes herself and this would be an awesome first step to pampering herself. She's beautiful and deserving

    I want to say thank you for this incredible opportunity. Thank you for allowing us to reflect on the people who are most important to us. It's not that we need a reminder but transcribing these feelings into words kind of solidifies them. Also it's very therapeutic. Tomorrow I'm going to appreciate my mom even more bc of this exercise.

    I learned about this from Twitter. I follow @Clarisonic. My email is

  • Amber says:

    This would be amazing. I'd like to nominate my sister Ashley. She suffers from a thyroid disorder. Hypothyroidism is really awful to your facial skin. She once had soft radiant smooth skin and a wonderful complexion. Now her facial skin is very dry and flaky. She also has a lot of facial redness on her face, especially on the upper cheek area and the nose. I know it's very embarrassing for her. Winning this would be great for her, because I did research on the Clarisonic and I know that it hydrates dry skin and it can help to reduce redness. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!! Happy holidays.

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  • Ken says:

    I nominate my sister for a Clarisonic device because she deserves the comfortable treatment and spectacular results. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  • peachtree says:

    my daughter, because she has been a great source of love, and has added beauty to my life, from the day she was born! Just into that 30's stage, she is anxious about the changes coming with this new decade. I have always been a great promoter of skin care and would love her to have this as my gift of love and beauty for her life…with gratitude for the opportunity~b

  • Anonymous says:

    I heard about you guys on a you tube video:) I would love to nomanate my Mother, she is the rock in our family her and I are the best of friends and she deserves somthing great. And that would be this product. She just lost her mother not to long ago and I think this would brighten up her day if she new I Nominated her 🙂 thank you all. Happy Holidays to you and your families 🙂 Darci.

  • Anonymous says: says," I want this device for my skin. I nominate my friend, Dana Murphy, to receive this device also."

  • tatum810 says:

    I would love for my mom to get this, She work extremely hard and does so much for everyone else..
    I heard about this on

  • Joe says:

    I am nominating my mother in law because she is so sweet to me and deserves the best in skincare! I heard about this through honeypie411 at yahoo dot com

  • yellowlabs says:

    I am nominating my Mom because she is so giving and caring to all in my family. She has been taking care of my Dad who is disabled and never takes time for herself. I found out about this contest from

  • rdsd221 says:

    I'm nominating myself. I have 4 kids and with the holidays I've run myself ragged.

  • ... says:

    I nominate my mom. She recently lost my dad (to lung cancer) and works full-time AND takes care of her mother, who has dementia and is unable to care for herself. My mom definitely needs something to pamper herself and help relieve stress.

  • Jeanette Huston says:

    I nominate my wife. She is a Marine who works all the time to support our family. She never complains ans she never relaxes or takes any time for herself. I know for some this would be a small thing but to my wife winning this would mean a lot.

    We didn't get a lot this Christmas for each other. We concentrated on giving Christmas to our kids. Thanks for the chance to win.

    I heard about this contest through a friend!

    Joe Huston

  • Anonymous says:

    I would love to nominate my son, David, who is a United States Marine deploying to Afghanistan shortly. While I was unaware that he was planning to come home for a recent suprise Christmas visit, I was overjoyed when he walked through the door! Being a single parent of three, financially, I was not able to purchase Christmas gifts this year. I felt so terrible when my Marine son pulled out a present for each one of us, yet we had nothing to give to him. I was in tears. Later that night, I had been watching QVC when they were showing the Clarisonic, and my Marine son had shown interest and said he would actually love to try the product while he is deployed, as it is a dry, hot climate in the summer, yet in the winter months, their climate is harsh and cold and skin is deprived of moisture, yet clogged from sand and dirt and winter elements. I truly wanted to purchase the Clarisonic for him, as it was a gift I knew he would like, yet I couldn't afford to purchase one for him. I would love to be able to gift the Clarisonic to my son. He is very humble, hard working, and very dedicated to his Country. Even a tough Marine sleeping in a tent in the desert deserves clear skin and a little pampering!

    I found this blog through

  • SheilaBee says:

    I am nominating my daughter to recieve a Clarisonic because not only is she a very sweet baby girl,she is embaressed by the many breakouts she has on her face and back and has had to take prescription meds for years to help control them.She has wanted one of these since they first came out but neither of us could afford one. She is a hardworking girl who always gives back to the community in every way possible.She was instrumental in starting a Habitat Resale store in her college toen while she was in school. She is all around a great daughter wife and sister who is very deserving of this!
    My sister in law told me about the contest.

  • Happi Shopr says:

    I'm nominating my mom. She deserves a beauty treat because she takes care of my ailing grandmother via long distance and my father who is battling colon cancer. She needs to be able to take some time out for herself and rejuvenate.

    I heard about the contest on

    trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  • JoAnn says:

    I am nominating my sister, she works 2 jobs, is always doing for others who are in need. Currently she's helping a family where the father became terminal ill, she supplies Christmas for the family and is trying to get them help finanically. She puts everyone before herself. The Clairison is a great product my husband gave me one for Christmas. If I was to win I would donate the other Clairisonic to the worker that takes care of my mentally handicapp younger sister. I am very blessed. I heard about the contest through OLS.

  • susan1215 says:

    I'm nominating my sister Debbie. She lives near by Mom while myself and my other sister lives out of town. My Mom was diagnosised with Alzheimers last year and could no longer live in her house where she had lived for 40 years. She had to stop driving too. Debbie found my Mom a great assisted living center, moved her there, fixed up and sold her house and now she is in charge of her finances and takes my Mom out to her Doctors, hair appointments and any other errands she needs to do. If it wasn't for her I know this whole experience would be so much more tramatic for all of us. As my Mom's health deterorates I know my sister will be there for her and that makes me feel better. She is recently divorced and I know receiving a Clarisonic would really be a nice treat for her.
    I heard about this contest from a friend.

  • masonsgranny59 says:

    1.My twin sister deserves a free Clarisonic Skincare System because she is always helping others.
    2.through a friend

  • giggling kids says:

    My mom deserves this because she is an RN and works 12 hour shifts to get our family what they need. This year for Christmas she bought something for every family member but herself. I would love my mom to get this.She is very special and makes sure we have what we need even though I am 19 she is letting me stay at home until I graduate from College and get a job. She definitely deserves this because she works so hard for us. She even had to work Christmas night and I would LOVE for my mom to receive this. I could not afford what I wanted to get her this year.I would love to be able to give her this I found out about the giveaway on Online sweepstakes!

  • Jes*In*CO says:

    I am nominating my Mom!

    Like so many others, she is a self-less, under-appreciated HERO! She would and does give her LAST DOLLAR to anyone in need. Makes sure everyone has everything they want… And, that in turn leaves her without.

    She has been through SO MANY Battles in her life. A Drug Addict/Alcholic EX-Husband who used to beat her. Lost a child, then a Grandchild (that forever changed her) after that she aged probably 20 years in ONE:(

    She is such a BEAUTIFUL woman and I would really love the chance to give her something to PAMPER HERSELF!

    I heard about this giveaway from

    Many Thanks, I have enjoyed reading so many positive things about wonderful people here. I don't know how you will choose, so many deserving individuals.

  • Gina says:

    I am nominating my mom & she deserves it because she is an incredibly kind & good hearted person, not to mention a fantastic mom who deserves the best. I heard about this giveaway from
    yummyfaerie at hotmail dot com

  • Robin says:

    I nominate my wife. She asked for one for Christmas but after buying for the kids she knew there wasn't enough money in the budget for me to get her one at this time. She was very understanding and loved what I did get her. She is a stay at home mom and I go out and make the money but that doesn't mean that her job isn't harder than mine. I work 8-10 hours a day but she works 24/7 365 days a year for our entire family. Although she doesn't get paid for her work in money she knows how much we all appreciate all that she does for us and is worth trillions. She hardly ever takes time for herself even though I try to get her to take more "me" time.She deserves this so she can pamper herself the way she should.

    A friend told me about this giveaway because she knew I was looking for a Clarisonic.

  • Gianna says:

    I would like to nominate myself. I started having problem skin while I was pregnant with my first child. 5 kids later and my skin is a mess no matter what I try. Since I had my twins I just hate looking at how bad my skin has gotten. I would love to try this so I can see if it can improve my skin and finally feel better! It really would be nice to be able to do something for myself since i'm always putting everyone else first.

  • Grace says:

    Growing up, I remember my mom buying many department brand creams-from elizabeth arden to shiseido, to lancome. This new technology doesn't seem convincing to her. To her, there is only one method, which is the traditional way. In addition, the price tag did not convince her at all. But I would love to see her face glow younger and clearer. She deserves it.

    Honestly, I heard about this blog by specifically researching for more info on the clarisonic.

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