How I Kept My Potted Flowers Alive While on Vacation

I’m a total garden nut but this year I just didn’t have the time to do it. I bought a couple of potted flowers – mainly hibiscus and giant impatiens. Our vacation this year happened to be during a heat wave, and so I moved my plants into the garage to shelter them from the hot sun as much as possible. If I had been gardening all season I would have hired someone from the neighborhood to look in on them, but I only had 5 plants and I was running late for our road trip.

Anyway, I found a cool method that really seemed to work for me in keeping my potted plants alive for the 10 days we were away on vacation. I watered the two hibiscus plants generously and used Aqua Globes (or knockoff versions) to get them through the days until we got back. For the smaller flowers I placed them in a tray that was about 2 inches deep, filled the tray with about an inch of water, and then watered each of the plants individually.

When I got home, everything looked a little sad, but ALIVE!! With some TLC and a good watering, they are all starting to perk right back up.

I’ve also heard you can use string to water plants while you are away, putting one end in a bucket of water and the other end in the soil with whatever you are watering. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s certainly a clever idea! Please leave me a comment if you have other tips or techniques to share.

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