Trying My Luck at the Pink Leaf Sandwich Italian Bakery Cookies

My attempt at Italian Bakery pink leaf cookiesFor as long as I can remember, I have loved all those authentic Italian butter cookies, Italian bakery cookies – whatever you want to call them. When I was a little girl and lived in Philadelphia, my grandmother would walk me to the bakery and I would get to pick out a few cookies. I almost always picked one chocolate sandwich cookie man and one yellow sandwich cookie man. Both had a delicious chocolate frosting layer between the cookie layers. I also remember the yellow pretzel sandwich cookies, and of course, the pink and green leaf cookies, also sandwiched by chocolate!

I tend to be a very determined person, so it isn’t really surprising that I’ve added to my “must-do-before-I-die” list, Baking Pink and Green Leaf Cookies, at the top of the list. Now this is just a figurative list, but that cookie baking is right there next to go to Wine Country in California, hit up Oktoberfest in Germany (probably), and see the Northern Lights in person. Hopefully I don’t have to move to Montana (no offense if you’re from Montana… I’m totally not down with Grizzly Bears and Moose!).

I have been dying for this cookie recipe for years now. I have spent hours searching on the Internet, begged friends, even got in touch with a chef friend of mine to see if he can help me reverse engineer them if I bring him a batch of the real deal. I have even gone so far as to consider getting a job at a bakery somewhere so I can learn the super secret recipe! However, I’m already working full-time and running my own businesses (2 of them), so that probably isn’t going to happen. Oh, and I am not a morning person. Almost every bakery job I’ve ever heard of starts at like 4:30 am if not earlier!

Pink Leaf Bakery Cookies

So anyway, I did manage to find a recipe online that I tweaked a bit to see if it suits my needs. The Italian bakery pink leaf cookies are definitely strawberry flavored, so I added some strawberry extract to the mix. I also dyed the dough pink. I think the butter taste may still be a bit strong but I am going to try them again after the chocolate sets in the fridge.

Well, I think they have sat in the fridge long enough now that I think about it. I just nabbed one off the wax paper and let me tell you, I caught a familiar whiff that gives me hope these cookies will be more than just a failed attempt at living up to the glory of a favorite thing in life. Now I just have to wait for the cookie to come to room temp. Once I perfect the recipe, I will be sure to share, if anyone is interested.

Homemade Italian Bakery butter cookies with sprinkles and mini chipsI only used half of the dough to make pseudo pink leaf cookies. The other half I made the typical butter cookies with sprinkles and mini chips. So far they are pretty good too. I hope I don’t wake up five pounds heavier! At least I went running today. That counteracts all calories from cookie experiments, as far as I’m concerned! 🙂



  • Terri says:

    I thought I was the only one that pined for the pink and green leaf cookies. I remember them from Schneider’s Bakery in Westerville, Ohio in the 70s. I live in Georgia now, was back there last year, and they don’t have them anymore and no one even knew what I was talking about! Glad you were able to satisfy your cookie fix!

  • Kate says:

    Hi Terri!
    Thanks for your reply. I have since learned quite a bit about these cookies. A lot of bakeries sell them online and will ship them to your home. My suspicion is that they all come from Silverlake Cookie Company, which is why we can’t ever find a recipe and half the time can’t find them in local bakeries.

    I do have a recipe that I found online and tweaked if you are interested in trying them for yourself. I haven’t perfected it, but maybe between the two of us we can get it pretty close.

    Feel free to get in touch anytime! Have a great night! 🙂


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